Group visits

Plan your group visits!

From kindergarten and school groups to groups of retirees, Museum of illusions welcomes and entertains all age groups. Come with a group of at least ten people and find out why your eyes see things that your brain can’t understand. Plan in advance in order to get the desired term.

The Museum of Illusion is an interactive museum. There are explanations next to each exhibit, and navigating the setting is easy. The estimated time of the visit is 45 minutes, during which time the museum staff is available for help and assistance of any kind. Visitors can choose to visit the museum on their own or seek for help from our professional guide. The price of professional guidance is 3500, 00 RSD.

Ecological wooden games, jigsaw puzzles and didactic brain teasers are exhibited in several places in the Museum, and we advise visitors to try solving them.

Groups are required to book their visit at least fourteen (14) days in advance.

For any further information or to book your term please contact us at or +381 63 611 911.

When booking, be sure to mention whether you want professional guidance!

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