Guided tours

Come, and explore the world of illusions with help of our professional guides!

Take an hour to visit the interactive museum setting, take unusual photographs and learn something new about the science hidden behind the exhibits!

During our professional guidance you will find out something new about perception and the world around us. Our guides will help you take a peek at the other side of illusion and discover the story behind our exhibits. Photography tricks will be part of special experience, during which you can make everlasting memories. Gather friends or family and organize a visit to the Museum of Illusions!

A guided tour duration is one hour (1h) and includes museum tour, photography assistance and a handful of scientific information that will leave everyone speechless! Our professional guide will take you on an illusionist adventure after which you will see the things in your everyday environment differently.

Please make your reservation at least seven (7) days in advance as visits are planned according to bookings and other activities in the museum.
The price of professional guidance is 3500 RSD.

For any further information or to book your term please contact us at or +381 63 611 911.