Pop up

A museum outside a museum!

You strive to organize an unusual party at the specific location? Don’t worry- the Pop up Museum will come to desired location and breathe a touch of illusion into your party! We will install museum exhibits for you, such as the popular Upside-down Room, Switch noses, Kaleidoscope, Chair illusion etc.

Your guests will be delighted and you will have the best event photos!

Complement the fun with unforgettable dilemma games in XXL format that you can play in pairs, or in groups! If you wish, we will organize a tournament in solving dillema games, and you will, without a doubt – prepare an unforgettable experience for the guests!

Please book a pop-up organization at least fourteen (14) days in advance, as planning depends on the availability of dates as well as other museum activities.

For all information and reservations please contact us by email info@muzejiluzija.rs or by phone +381 63 611 911.