Smart shop

Are you looking for really special gift or a brain cells challenge?

Dilemma games offer consists of more than 70 different wooden puzzles made of high quality eco wood, coated with natural, non-toxic colors. You won’t make a mistake if you pick cube, 3D puzzle, pyramid, brain teaser or a group game – because every game is equally challenging and train your patience, focus and reflexes.

Souvenirs are also important part of our offer- so feel free to choose Plasma ball, T-shirt, or bendy pencil! Go for decorative wooden puzzle for home or work space or one of various dilemma packages that we recommend to all illusion fans!

Smart shop is located on the ground level of Museum of illusions and can be visited regardless of the museum setting. We invite you to try and solve dilemma game by your choosing, and consult our friendly stuff – especially if you are looking for a gift for yourself and your loved ones.

Visit us, try them out and choose something just right for you!